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Estate Coffee

What is Estate Coffee?


Estate coffee is coffee grown, harvested, roasted, and packaged all from a single plantation or “estate.” Estate coffee is never blended with coffee beans from other farms.

It is a pure reflection of one estate’s production. Though there are variables, the difference between an estate coffee and a non-estate coffee can basically be compared to a chardonnay versus a “white table wine.” The former is made by producing wine from one type of grape from one estate or winery; the latter is made from an assortment of white wine grapes gathered from various vineyards.

While there may be exceptions, there is usually a difference in quality. Like estate wines, estate coffee succeeds on its own merits. In its flavor, estate coffee reflects a particular region’s unique combination of climate, soil, and altitude. Like fine wines, estate coffee carries with it the imprint of its natural environment as well as the experienced dedication of coffee workers who nurture the beans year after year.

Café Miramundo is produced exclusively on our mountaintop farm above the Copán Valley. We are very proud of our farm, the men and women who contribute to its success, and the rich coffee that it produces. It is an estate coffee that confidently stands alone for you to enjoy.


Why Buy an Estate Coffee?

Because an estate coffee is coffee from only one plantation – a single, controlled source – it is able to deliver a more consistent level of excellence to the buyer. Like a winery that grows one type of grape for one type of wine, we grow only 100% Arabica beans, hand-nurtured to our exacting standards.


Estate coffees vary as much as the regions that produce them, and they are accountable to the buyer in ways that beans mixed together from many farms can never be. Our coffee is delivered directly from

the Copán Valley in western Honduras to you. It doesn’t journey through a gauntlet of buyers, exporters, importers, storage facilities (local or abroad), and is never mixed with other coffees prior to roasting. Is it 100% Honduran, high-elevation Arabica from our farm. E-mail us, call us, or come visit us to taste our coffee or express your views.

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